Guys: What are reasons why you won't make a move on a girl?

This guy I used to see and I had a very bad falling out. He started dating this girl and we stopped talking. A mutual friend told me he had loved me the whole time. I ran into him with my guy friend and him with his girlfriend. He didn't talk to me but asked my friend about me. A few days later he broke up with his girlfriend and keeps Facebook stalking me. Our friend told me all this and theyre roommates so I believe him.

Im still in love with him too, so why won't he make a move?

So what are reasons why you won't make a move?What about when its Usually always easy for you to ask girls out?


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  • What it really comes down to, is how come you're not making a move. Take initiative, since you claim to still "love" him. Works both ways girl.

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