What To Do If Sister's Ex Keeps Making Futile Attempts To Get Them Back Together?

This is a quiet funny story, really. About five years ago my sister was about to be engaged to this guy. Well, this guy was Jewish and my family was a bunch of devout Catholics. (I don't really care about religion, so I kind of warmed up at the thought of having a brother-in-law at last) That was until my sister got home one time and checked his e-mail to finds loads of 'love mail' from his 'love'. My sister literally packed his clothes and threw them out their shared flat. She then changed the door's locks and made a call to him saying, 'Try to break in and I'll call the police.' When the guy arrived, my sister was already throwing out the old locks. I still can't forget the scene where he was actually begging on his knees for my sister to forgive him. I did a pretty stupid thing that he witnessed back at that time, and now he's using it against me - something serious, but you don't have to know - UNLESS I devise ways to help get them back. Is this guy plain stupid or what? Any help?


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  • I think he shouldn't continue making those futile attempts anymore. Your sister has lose interest and their relationship will just be disastrous if ever they end up together.


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