Why would my ex show up even though he dosen't want to see me?

Me and my boyfriend were together for just 6 months.

My first boyfrind and I'm his first girlfriend.

Everything was fine when he suddenly decided he wanted to break up with me. He gave my no reason just called and said that.

Well his reaon was "I don't love you anymore and I don't see a future with u"

Fine with me. The problem was that we had just one week before bought tickets to japan. (His idea)

So of course I started to thing that I did something wrong.

We met up at his place so I could take my stuff. He kept giving me the same reason for the breakup. But he also said that he hopes we can be friends someday because he likes meas a person.

One week went and I tries ti contact him for a meetup.

We did meet and everythng was good. We walked, talket like we used to.

One day when I text him he says that we should stop meeting for a while. And then he keept ignoring my texts.

One month went by and on new years eve I suddenly got a text from him "happy new year" I was shocked, glad and drunk so I txtet him back telling him to come to my place. (I had a big party)

And he came, drunk as hell. He danced with my, keep having his hands on my body, even kissed me! And when we went to talk he kept saying that I will find somebody else. We are not meant for each other ect. And then we fell asleep together.

Next morning he woke up, got dressed and went home. He said he would meet me and talk about our break up sober but I never heard from him again. Tried to e text but no anwser.

My big question is why the hell would he come? Drunk or not? He said he dosen't want to have me in his life anymore. Why come and the regret everythng in the morning and never call back?
Why would my ex show up even though he dosen't want to see me?
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