How to make sense of a pathological liar and cheating ex?

I dated a girl for nine months. At the start, she used me as a rebound for the ex who dumped her. We had a great relationship... until four months into it. She hid things from me on Twitter by keeping her posts private, and the only way to find out what she was doing was following her friends. It wasn't until after the relationship that she made things public, and I saw that she was cheating on me with her ex about six months in. Even before that, she met with a good guy friend to see if they were in love.

She lied to me and omitted truth from me: She went out of state to visit her ex. One night we fought a lot (many times because I thought she was cheating on me with him, but I didn't trust my instinct), and she broke up with me. She told me to trust her, but there was every reason not to.

Even after trying to "be better" for her afterward... it didn't mean anything to her. She said she would maybe give me another chance... then I found out everything she did and we no longer communicate. She is already in a relationship with her ex.

Is there any logic to this situation? Is she just a bad person at the core?

Being a victim of this is tough, but I at least moved on.
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I even found things that she fell in love with a stranger and physically cheated with a stranger. How can a girl be this evil?
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I think she was more than meets the eye. She used gaslighting techniques, was narcissistic, was passive-aggressive, and induced betrayl-trauma. She always acted like a victim and wouldn't take responsibility for her behavior.

In hindsight, I am very glad to be rid of this sociopath who has no sense of moral decency. It's hard to believe I loved someone who is so evil and mentally ill.
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I've uploaded my memoir on lying and cheating to Amazon's Kindle. It will be free for another four days (until August 26th), then will cost 99 cents.

The memoir even integrates Girlsaskguys, using questions and answers from that particular relationship.

The memoir is about the relationship mentioned here. link
How to make sense of a pathological liar and cheating ex?
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