Do you ever regret breaking up with a girl?

My ex chased me for months and then convinced me to date him! But 10 months later, he suddenly broke up! He is 24, and said he felt too young to commit to something too serious. He said he was getting too stressed out trying to maintain a relationship and school.

I was heartbroken...and tried for months to convince him that he made a bad decision (worst idea ever!). I wish I never did that...but I like fighting for people I love. At first he would say he still loved me...but after a few months he started getting frustrated, and then told me he's totally over me and will never date me again!

We see each other everyday at school and have to work together on projects. No contact would've been perfect in this he would really start to miss me. But we didn't have that choice.

To me, the relationship was as perfect as it gets! Just the timing was terrible :( and now I feel like I'll never find someone else as perfect. I am a very loyal, caring and committed gf! I think these are hard to find qualities nowdays!

As guys mature, do they realize they gave up a good girl for very immature reasons? Have you guys ever broken up with a girl because you felt too young, and then regretted it? What made you regret it and how long before you realized it?
Do you ever regret breaking up with a girl?
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