Should I let my boyfriend move in or does it sound like he's using me?

I just got my own place, and my "boyfriend" of 6 months wants to move in. I wanted to move in with him before because I was living with roommates from hell. He said it was too early in the relationship. He constantly saw me looking for a place to live. I forfeited this beautiful place because he said he didn't want to move in with me. Now, that I have my own place (a month later), and his grandparents are kicking him out, he wants to move in with me. When I confronted him about it, he said he thought I was trying to get him to move in with me and my demonic room mates, which is definitely a lie because he saw me actively seeking new residency. My mother even came to visit to help me look one day. When I asked my friends if it sounds like he was just using me, they said yes. Moving in with me and paying all my bills would be cheaper than a deposit, first month's rent, furniture, etc. So, should I let him move in, or does he sound like a lying bastard?

P.S. He's supposed to move in this weekend right? I invited him over for dinner when he gets off work, he has to go to the bank tomorrow to cash his check, and pick up my friend who is helping him move (who lives on this side of town). Convenient, correct? No, he wants to go back to his grandparents tonight, then come over here tomorrow to get my friend, then go back to get his stuff, but he always complains about having no gas because he drives a huge truck. Sound like excuses? I understand he's going to miss living with his grandparents, but he has to grow up one day, and he'll still see them. I'm sorry there's so much. I sort of needed to vent too.
Should I let my boyfriend move in or does it sound like he's using me?
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