Is she leading me on? (Let's say her name is Leslie)

This girl I have known for almost 10 months now and I have been talking about getting together for sometime now. But the thing is, there's another guy. She's told me about him, and I've met him. He's admittedly a nice guy, but completely pathetic. He's been talking of dropping out of high school for sometime, considering suicide, and he's friends with two of her exes. I also know that whenever Leslie and I get really close, he finds out and tries to convince her that he's better. Leslie and I have been talking about getting together over summer (maybe sooner, depending on how school's going). But Leslie doesn't want to tell him about our plans, because she thinks he'll overreact and get pissed off at her. But lately Leslie is being rather blunt with me through texting. It's not like her, I'm getting texts from her telling me that she has to do her homework and won't be able to text much. Normally that's not surprising, but normally she'll still text me anyway or at the very least say good night before she goes to bed. I haven't been called any pet names in like a week. She's a freshman in college, I'm a junior in high school, and the other guy is either a sophomore or junior in high school. I'm just a few months older than him. I've known Leslie longer than him, and I definitely know her better than he ever will. When her and I hang out, we cuddle, kiss, wrestle, tease each other, and play around (biting, groping, tickling, NOT sex). I know that Leslie and the other guy have wrestled, made out, cuddled, and tickle each other. And it's not my place to ask what else, since she is still slightly unsure right now. She's been saying that he is starting to make her mad by trying to force her to choose him. But I just tell her, to tell him to leave her alone if he does that. She doesn't want to, because he's senstive. I do love her and I feel that she does love me back. But this isn't the first time that I've had competition for her. Call me crazy, but I feel that we're meant for each other. It's just a bond I can feel a lot. I haven't felt like this for anyone else. She isn't my first girlfriend/love, but something is different this time. And I think it's for the better. But after being denied twice before for the 2 exes previously mentioned, I'm not 100% sure if she does love me as much as I do her, or if I'm just the fall back guy. Opinions are greatly appreciated, but please be respectful to her and myself. Trolls will be reported/blocked. And sorry it was so long...


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  • Why doesn't she date a guy her own age? And how do you know when he and her hang out that they don't have just as much fun as you do when you're with her? If you were meant for each other there wouldn't be any guy who can threaten that. And she wouldn't keep passing you up for other guys lol

    • It's not that big of an age difference. Just 2 years. And I don't know, frankly as long as she stays true to her own personal boundaries, I'll ignore it. And so far she has, that's one thing she wouldn't do until marriage. I just want to make sure she stays honest with herself and me.

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    • Thanks for your help! :)

    • You're welcome:)

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  • give her time, don't be on her d*ck too much

    • I do give her her space. I hardly ask about what they do. Just ask her how he is and if she had fun. If she tells me, great. If not, oh well. I'm just being myself and not pushing my luck by getting in her face about it.

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  • girls...drama...agh!

    If I see a triangle...I am out!

    • lol I tried to drop it before. But after a week, I really missed her and couldn't stop thinking of her. In my opinion, she's worh fighting for. I'll stick with her through thick and thin. She's one of the very few girls I know that has enough self worth and respect not to dress in flashy ways or go around parading her stuff. She's rather self concious and doesn't want a lot of attention. I've grown attached to her and can't stand the idea of losing her. And it bothers me when people bad talk her

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