My ex boyfriend and I have started hooking up.

Our breakup wasn't that great, and we both did love each other still. Ugly events happened after, but 5 months later we confessed to each other that we still miss one another and that it's hard to move on but we both need to.

Now we hook up. I told him it would be fine because there are no feelings left, however I feel like he might still have some. I'm not sure though.

Could hooking up with my ex bring back his feelings for me?
Also by hooking up, we aren't full on having sex, just about everything except actual sex. I don't know if that makes a difference...

And does anyone know any signs that would indicate he's scared of developing feelings for me? Like if he says no to hanging out when he knows we will just be "hooking up" does it meanitsbecause he's scared it will bring back old feelings or does he just not want to hang out?


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  • You've heard the chain mail story about the man whose dying wife insisted he hold her hand before bed every day, leading up to the divorce, and treat her like he did when they first met?

    It didn't involve sex, but it involved plenty of other forms of tenderness. And listening. When the time came that he was to leave her, he couldn't remember what was so great about the other woman. So the divorce never happened. Then, his wife died in his arms. And the other woman couldn't be sympathetic enough to warrant being bothered with.

    If you two have that kind of lasting love, then you'll be able to sort through the crap that life has thrown in your way. Including any stupid things each of you has said to shoot yourselves in the foot.

    However, sex in and of itself won't heal the relationship the way you want it to. It'll merely create chemical dependency.


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  • Hooking up might bring the old feelings lost.

    You'll share the same intimacy, and others all over again.

  • just ask him and be frank ...dont waste your time and effort darling

  • I don't know, but it shouldn't. He gets to just f*** you and not deal with your sh*t. Why would he bring feelings into that? He's got the good parts of it now.


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  • It can... I mean, I would like to think that not all guys think the way the first answerer thinks. Lol

    If you're getting those vibes from him then I would cut it off. A hook-up relationship with your ex only has a happy ending if both people are completely over it and realize they just need sex; if he's giving you any reason to think he feels otherwise then just tell him that you two can't anymore. .

    • I would like to get back with him though

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    • Thank you (=

    • No problem, hope it works out!

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