How can you determine how you really feel about someone special?

Whether it's your bf/gf, your crush, or your ex.

In my case, I used to "hang out" with this guy. I really liked him. We weren't dating or anything but when we hang out we kiss, hold hands, and do all those other stuff couples do. We stopped "hanging out" after he kinda shut me out for no reason until we finally stopped talking. At one point I confronted him asking what's wrong. I didn't get any answer and it ended up in a fight. That was the end of it all and I hated him from then on and wished I would never have to see him ever again.

That was like 4 months ago. Yesterday we ran into each other at my uni. I didn't want things to be awkward or worse so I said hi like nothing happened. He was kinda surprised to see me but he managed to handle it maturely like I do. We chatted for a minute like nothing happened and then I went away.

I don't know whether I really hated him and have moved on after our fight or I've been missing him all this time. Cause the moment I saw him I was really glad to see him but I also felt really annoyed at the same time. Let alone all the memories came rushing through my head in a flash. I'm afraid I haven't been honest with myself. How do I assure myself that I've moved on?


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  • You've already moved on. It's just that the sense of familiarity and closeness when you see him acts as a stimulus to stir up the old feelings you had for him.


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