How can I re-establish contact with this group?

This is another question in which I'm ranting about how stupid I was for losing my first two college years. Anyway, in these two years, I somehow got to know some people. There was a rather interesting group of them, and in this group was also one of the best girls I've ever met. Yeah, you got me, I was crushing on her. But I also had a relationship back then, so I thought it wouldn't be nice to my ex-girlfriend to go out with a group in which was a girl I was interested in. This girl invited me out a few times, but I mostly found excuses not to go with them. Even after I broke up, I had a couple of chances (she called me to see if I would go to a certain lecture so we could sit together) but I blew them because I had my head dug in the sand.

Now, I'm paying for it. It may just be my idea, but whenever she sees me -and the other girls in the group- she won't say hi unless I do. Even then, it's quick and typical; I genuinely feel like she dislikes me so much! I know she did like me back then (at least a a person, if not as a guy). Maybe it's just me that she dislikes me now, but that's how it looks. One could guess that she was bitter because of my constant refusal to join them, but trust me, she is not a girl to go without attention.

So, I screwed up. I don't like it, and since I'm aiming to become more social, I'd like to at least get them to be more warm with me - I don't think I committed any crime or anything. What would you suggest?


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  • Start spending more time with them.

    Turn those quick hi into light conversation.


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