How can I help this girl I like comeout of a codependant relationship ?

This Girl I like and met has gone back with her ex despite the way he treated her and played with her emotions in the past !

Anyway two weeks ago I noticed she was having mixed emotions despite going to lenghts like shutting down her FB page and he even sent her an anonymous Valentine's card and the impression I got she was not to happy with that I suggested she should report but she could not then the next day I asked if she slept well she did not and said her ex is on her case I said you need to forget about him and start fresh she came out and said she will always love him she need time alone and also to pack because she is moving house shortly something she said she had been planning for months !

Could she be moving on the quiet to get rid of him ? despite saying she hates where she lives !

How can I help her out is there anything I can do ?


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  • STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES RELATIONSHIPS. Despite the way their relationships go. If she can leave him for you, she will leave you for someone else. Get over it, she's not for you.

    Im honestly tired of reading about people trying to steal other peoples loves. Regardless if they are good together or not. If your supposed to be with her, only the future is supposed to show you that. Not you making a plan to get her.


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