To LDR or not to LDR

Soooo...A guy I had been seeing pulled the total fadeaway on me last spring, Easter weekend to be exact. While I was heartbroken, I figured": "Cool, a clean slate as I prepare to move back to the Midwest for school." Then, low and behold I get a text in July saying simply that he missed me.

Obviously I was both pissed and confused by this, so I let him have it and said that he broke my heart, and I had moved on. I said that maybe we could get together sometime when I got back and have a beer as friends, but that's it. His reply was that he had hope things between us would have ended up differently.


So this is probably where I go wrong.

He posted a picture on Facebook to which I send him a compliment of the picture because it made me homesick. Not him, mind you, but the picture (it was of the mountains, I'm from Colorado). He once again said that he wished things would have ended up differently. So with this I proposed that we get together when I returned for a bit between semesters so that we could talk.

He eagerly agreed.

So we talk, and he tells me that he likes his life the way it is being single and all. And I acknowledge this, and say: "Okay, good for you." I'm just thinking his statement puts things to rest, and that I'm going to return to my regularly scheduled program. But theeeeennn, he asks me to come down to his place to watch the first preseason football game. Like a sap, I agree.

When I get down there, I'm in full defenses up mode. I sat on the end of the couch the whole time, in a very: don't-come-near-me posture. After the game, he asks me what is on the menu.

At this point, I'm thinking: "What the hell?" And then I really lay it out for him, and tell him that I'm too old to be messing around anymore. I want what I want, and it seemed clear to me that we didn't want the same things.

Unfortunately, I got weak. (You can take it from there)

However, since that point, he was good about keeping in touch until my return for Christmas break and seemed excited. When I was back Christmas break was good, but I began to feel him pull away again right before I left. This semester I've noticed that he's not nearly as enthusiastic as he seemed to be before. I'm getting jerked around aren't I? Why did he want me back in the first place? I'm contemplating pulling the plug on this, or wait until I'm back in Colorado for good after school is finished. I just figure that it's not totally worth getting all worked up about this situation from 800 miles away. What the hell is this guy thinking?


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  • Don't force yourself to work out things with him again.

    He's really vague in his feelings about you, and it seems that he's just playing with you.


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