To go home or not.....

This may seem really silly to you guys, but I honestly need help deciding.

-I have my midterm exams next week.

-I have my spring break the week after that.

-I have not seen my boyfriend for going on three weeks

-His family has invited me on a day trip to our state's capitol this Saturday.

-It costs $8.00 for me to ride the bus home as I do not have a car on campus.

-The bus takes me to the nearest large city, about a 20 min drive from my home. A family member would have to come pick me up from there and bring me back to my house.

-The buses do not run on Sundays so I would need a ride from my home back to school (1.5 hour drive).

-If I don't go home, I will have the opportunity to MAYBE see him next Sunday (the 10th) before he goes to another state for a competition. There is a very slight possibility of this.

-I upset my mother this morning to the point where she told me I may as well rent a hotel room for the week of my spring break because she doesn't want to see me.

Should I go or stay?

On the one hand, if I stay at school, I will be sure to get all the studying I need done and be prepared for my exams. However, I'm going about batsh*t crazy from not seeing my boyfriend for so long.

I know it's not actually that long, but it's really driving both myself and him rather nuts.

I also know that it's in my academic best interests to stay, but it's in my relationship interests to go.

I also know this question may bore many of you, but I need to make a fast decision. So...thoughts?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • If you think you could get in a little studying on the sly if you went home, then that is the best compromise. It also sounds like you could use some time to patch things up with your mom, which would be hard to do while cloistered in the library for a week.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Stay at school. There's so many interesting things to look in life when you'll achieve a successful career.

    • I'd only be going home for the weekend. I'm not quitting lol.

What Girls Said 1

  • It depends on how prepared you feel for your exams. If you need the weekend to study, then don't go. If you're comfortable with all the material, then see your boyfriend. That's the way I'd decide.


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