Girl I like says she likes me, but isn't completely over her last relationship.

So to make a long story as short as possible, there this girl, call her Katie, and we have been flirting for a bit. Took her out for Valentine's Day and just had a great time with her. Everything seemed like it was on it's way to a relationship then she shoots me a text a couple nights ago "...we need to talk." Guys we all know that whenever anyone says this its bad news.

Anyways that night I drive to her place, her roommate is there so we go to my car to talk privately . On way to my car she looks so sad and scared. Basically she said "I hate that I'm doing this and your going to think I'm playing games, but trust me I'm not. I really really like you, more than a friend, your really cute and like the sweetest guy ever. In like the week we spent together you've treated me better than Andy (her ex) has in the 4 months we were together. And I've even told him that. I thought I was ready to have a relationship with you, but I'm still not 100% over the breakup and think its unfair to you[...] I'm not going to tell you to wait..." Then I cut her off there. Now I was very comforting during this entire thing and basically said I understand and its normal to still have feelings for your EX. I said that we could still be close and I would giver her time, and let her know that I appreciate her talking to me in person

Now most of the time when I hear a girl say she's not over her ex its a sign to just move on and let it go. But this time I honestly don't think this girl is playing mind games, and generally needs more time since they just broke up at around 2 months ago.

My question for you guys / girls is what do you think are my best options. I'm not going to wait forever, though I would like to see what happens if I give her some time. I'm also fine with dating other people, but for now I'm not really looking.

P.S - I forgot to mention that she mentioned having a relationship with me, to her ex a couple times and he was getting sh*tty about it. She says he's like her best friend and didn't want to lose the friendship

Valentines Day

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  • It's one of the sign that she's not a girl friend material... I would be willing to walk away from her..

    Try to realize something… attraction isn’t a choice. It’s not about what she thinks about you, it’s how she FEELS about you. And if her FEELINGS are tied up in some other guy there’s NOTHING you can do about it. You can’t compete when she already has feeling of attraction for someone else, especially if that someone else isn’t really into her.

    Don’t waste your time trying to “convince” her to let him go, she won’t. Move on, quickly!

    Don’t be the crutch she needs to get over her ex because as soon as she’s let him go she’ll let you go too.

    Being “super nice” makes her like you, but not WANT you.

    Many great guys will NOT heed this advice and get themselves hurt in the end.

    good luck bro :)

Valentines Day