My ex is a liar, but why?

So long story short, a month ago, after a year and a half of dating, my ex ended it with me over text message telling me that he wanted to be alone, and didn't want to be in a relationship. He was my first love and I was devastated. I deleted all of our pics, his #, and took all his things he gave me, and put them in my storage closet. Now, fast forward a few weeks. I asked one of my good friends to go on my instagram and unfollow him for me, and she found out that not only did he block me, he also began to date a girl when it wasn't even a month since we broke up. He and this girl were talking a lot more before we broke up, and he started to emotionally disconnect from me, and started to run to her when he had a problem instead of his girlfriend. It's like he never loved me at all :(. My questions are 1: Why would he hide this new relationship from me? And 2: Is he rebounding? I just want answers
The reason why I had asked my friend to do it rather than I do it is because I gave up instagram for Lent.
P.S. he ended it via text


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  • 1) He wasn't hiding it if you deleted him from everything since there's no way you could have found out about it and it's not his responsibility to call you up and inform you.

    2) It may or may not be a rebound. Normally, I would say "Yes" but due to the additional information of him going to this girl and communicating with her excessively before you two broke it off, I would say that it's more likely that he lost feelings for you and began to phase you out while phasing her in.

    • Update: All the more reason to go with the "phase out" theory.

    • I deleted his pics & #. If I had never asked my friend to unfollow him on instagram from my account for me I would've never known he had blocked me or the fact that he was dating said person.

  • He just wanted the attention...I faced exactly similar situation and the girl left me for a ugly dude but the difference was , she lied to me and hiding things from me... but as soon as I caught them red handed in person , I left her ,no contact ,deleted her from FB,phone,etc

    some people just like attention instead of you... so It's better to leave them with their own games.. they are not worthy of our precious time... leave him like I left this girl... no need to invest further... you deserve better :)

    • It's weird really, I never intentionally gave him a reason to end it with me. I never cheated, I was always honest with him, and I did my best and my hardest to keep the communication line open :(.

    • I was exactly same to her... :(

      but like I said people like this just wants attention from you to boost their ego because you look attractive or have a really good personality... they think playing with you will make them famous among his/her friends... so just leave him without thinking anything about him...It's his faults,not successful in your life and maybe then they'll see what they missed out.. :D

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