Is it apparent now Americans that Obama has no idea what he's doing?

Sure back in 2010 some key Democrats said that Obama has no idea what he's doing and he was in over his head then. But now in 2013 after he was stupidly re-elected, Washington is in a complete state of awfulness. Political gambling is plain and simple the forefront of what is wrong with America now.

Obama proposed the sequester in order to raise the debt ceiling back in 2011 and is now blaming the Republicans for everything since the sequester is going through. The President cannot think that the $85 billion in spending cuts is a victory for America by any means. We are now going to lose teachers, police, EMS and fire over this. Instead of bringing Democrats and Republicans together, he is pointing a finger and placing blame on Republicans for the current state of America.

I care way too much about this country to watch it just fail off. I didn't vote for Obama and I didn't vote for Romney either but we need someone to step in and fix this country. We have a President who clearly has no idea what he's doing or how to fix the mess that we are in except spending, blaming, and raising the debt ceiling. We are screwed! How and why did he get back in people?

Time for Happy Hour and drinking! Thanks everyone for your responses.


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  • He wants us to fail man. He's had ample opportunities to pass budgets (hasn't since he's been in office) and had ample opportunities to approve programs that create jobs in America so we aren't outsourcing on everything. He's raised taxes for everyone so we spend less and that doesn't stimulate the economy at all. He doesn't listen to elected officials with whom he is supposed to cooperate with on about laws (look at all his executive orders). He comes from an upbringing of being anti-West and his father hated America. I think that he too hates this country and he wants us to fail so we can rebuild into the United Socialist Republic of America.


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  • We been screwed since the bringing of politics . !

  • So everyone on here likes Obama? Why don't you type Obama into the GAG search and read the responses to questions asked about him.

    • This site is jam-packed with Obamatards.

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    • No its because people can't seem to discus politics without resorting to childish name calling. You've already done that on here. Someone said you are misinformed what socialism is and you're response was " I know what Socialism is d***head."

    • He doesn't live in America and lives in Sweden. Ever been there? I had a definition of Socialism on my phone and showed it to a person there who absolutely denied that's what they had in Sweden. There is no winning with Liberals and no way to get your opposing point across ever.

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  • "I care way too much about this country to watch it just fail off. I didn't vote for Obama and I didn't vote for Romney either but we need someone to step in and fix this country"...

    ...then YOU'RE just as stupid as the people who support Obama that you posted this question about. You think Washington hasn't been a mess for a very long time now (like, the last 25-30 years)? The reason I say you must foolish is that you have the typical American mindset: someone else will fix this, or this will blow over soon enough. And yet, you put your faith in, of all types of people, a politician with a career and an agenda.

    You really think some kind of change in Washington is going to come from the inside? We're doomed if more than just a few people think this about politics, which a majority unfortunately do.

    • Nice insult. I voted for Gary Johnson because I have the right to do that and he upholds what I believe in for government. Obama is a Socialist (even a quasi-Communist). I would even put up with him if he had solely Democratic views but, he is a Socialist. He doesn't cooperate with anyone, even those within his own party. He wants his way or no way, and hey maybe he'll executive order himself into being Dictator Obama. Washington is a mess, but it's getting worse.

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    • I am well aware of what we are speaking about. I do feel that with the right people things can be fixed. Someone who is pro-America and values the constitution, and someone who wants to reward the hard work of the hard working. Ben Bernanke should have never been appointed and is horrible at what he does (like Obama). They are going to keep feeding off these ideals that are destroying America and it cannot continue to happen.

    • Ugh, listen to yourself man lol. "Destroy America"? "Values the constitution"?

      That will not happen. You miss an important point to all of these big time politicians: they are looking out for themselves in a way that makes it look like they are looking out for their constituents. All this silly talk that someone is destroying America? Come on, that tear-jerking stuff is precisely what all this political feuding is all about.

  • Stop paying attention to what he's not doing, and start paying attention to what he is.

  • Obama is a bad president but the congress, especially the GOP, are a special case too. We filled our entire gov with a bunch of people that have no idea what they are doing.

    Obama proposed the sequester but congress agreed to it so its not just Obama to blame like most republicans do. The tax rates for corporations right now are still way lower than when we had Clinton in office which is why we really do need to raise taxes (not to the same level as Clinton era, just slightly less). And republicans need to understand that we can't cut spending right now, it slows down recovery for the average Americans. That is mostly because trickle down effect just doesn't work. Giving tax breaks to corporations without any incentive is meaningless, because they just pocket the money for themselves, which is exactly what they have been doing. In comparison if we have a stronger middle class by lowering taxes, improving medicare, there is a bigger need for more goods because the average American can afford things which will in turn create demand for luxury goods which in turn creates jobs to provide the supplies for the increase in demand.

    I am not sure why its so hard for the congress to understand that.

    • we should do spending cuts but only as far as military spending is concerned since it creates the least amount of jobs for the amount of spending done on it. Blowing up some random guy in the middle east and wasting 10,000 or more on missiles is not the way to create infrastructure for Americans to improve the economy

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    • Did I say all millitary? no I want congress to actually listen to the needs of the military and stop drone striking half the world because that makes them hate us more. If your child died by accident because you missed the drone strike and hit him will you not be pissed off and wanting revenge? That's exactly what we are doing. Check the real civilian death count in those countries its in the thousands

    • What makes you think I'm pro big gov? I want an effective government which ACTUALLY provides for its people and reduces wastes.

      I asked a question and you just ignored it

  • We need someone to step in and fix this country." No one could do that, not a republican not a democrat, not a tea partier, not a libertarian. Washington is full of politicians who all have there own agenda. No one could unite them all. I here a lot of Obama bashing, I live in a red state. I here a lot of Bush was a god. Please, people are just f***ing dumb. We need to wipe Washington bare, out all elected politicians, outlaw lobbyist who buy and sell votes. Only then can we fix this country. It is broken.

    • Bush was far from God.

  • I like Obama.

    • Of course you do. Everyone on here does and most have no idea why or even look into what he's (not) doing.

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    • lol speak for yourself bro. I'm done conversing with someone who doesn't understand the definitions of words. It shouldn't surprise me because Republicans cry out socialism for any old thing which usually isn't socialism at all. Socialism as an economic system has never been done because it can't be done. You always need markets of some sort to show supply and demand which is the drive of capitalism.. We're also so far off base with what the question was about to start with. Good luck to you man

    • LOL. Read what I wrote below.

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