What are ways to approach an ex boyfriend after college?

I dated my ex boyfriend for 4 years, and we broke up less than a year ago. We talked for 5 months after we broke up. He goes away to college and is in a frat, while I commute to college. This is both our last semester of college. I could see things working out after we graduate. I do think the space is good and allows us to see what else is out there. I do still love him and it was very hard to be in a relationship in college and he also wanted to have space to himself. We talked here and there during winter break and now it is our last semester. I have not texted him because I want to give him the space he needs. Should I just let it be for the whole semester and let him contact me, or should I contact him? What would be a good way to reconnect after college because I know we could work things out because he won't be bombarded by the frat and school in general, and back at home.


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  • Contact him. By maintaining contact, it makes you feel interested in his eyes, and he will jump into that opportunity without any hesitation.

    • Wouldn't that just make him angry...and wouldn't that not allow space for him. Shouldn't the guy approach the girl, when he's interested again. I feel as though I been the one reaching out to him all the time during winter break.

  • Contact him. If you wait for his contact, you'll be waiting for a thousand years, and he might have forgotten about you already.


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