Is my girlfriend cheating on me?

I'll keep this short.

- we used to make out for like 5 minutes straight, now she barely makes out at all

- she deleted stuff off of her phone when I was with her, and I moved myself so I could see better, and she moved so I couldn't see.

- We used to act sexual all the time, and now she barely wants to be sexual.

- Just today she is hanging out with three guys, with nobody else.

- She's been acting different around me.

- She always talks about other guys (famous or not) in front of me.

She is supposedly a "good girl" but after doing research, I learned that even good girls will sometimes cheat. She doesn't smoke or drink. We also live in two different towns, about 30 min away from each other, so we see each other 2 times a week, 3 times if we are lucky.
Also a while back (maybe a week or two) she asked me if we would be friends if we broke up. I said yes, unless something really bad happens. So, she might be trying to hide it the best she can.
It's been a couple days, but if I'm going to catch her cheating, here's my chance. She just got her ipod back and every app she uses I know her password for. So, if she really is, I can catch her.


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  • It is always hard to know if someone is cheating on you. Usually your gut is right, and it sounds like you feel like she is. It is better to get proof before bringing it up or dumping them because of it, but really it is up to you. It does sound that way, that is how my ex acted right before I found out he was cheating on me, but It isn't always 100% the case.

    • I'm young (as it says Under 18) but I learned that my gut instinct has been right 95% of the time. I really don't want to believe it, but I can't help it. I've been trying to get proof, but it's hard because she can delete ANYTHING off of her phone so easily. And I can't see her everyday.

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    • She might be doing all of that stuff as a kind of getting back at you for talking to another girl (my friends have done this to their bfs). It is a really immature way of getting someone jealous. She should have just tried to talk about it with you.

    • I only talk to her about stuff like that. If I don't like something I tell her, and she said she'll do the same.

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  • Learn to trust her, until proven otherwise that she's cheating.

    It must be that she just want to work on her social life.


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