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OK well I'm trying to get back together with my ex. Is it good to talk as friends first? Or at least until she moves back to the same town as me and then I should try talking to her about it? She said that I need to earn her trust back,I think I have been doing a pretty good job at doing that though. But should I start by just talking to her and having casual conversations?
also the main reason we broke up is because of her moving away and I told her I still had feelings for her.


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  • It's not just "talk" that's going to get you two back together. It's going to take renewed affection for each other and that begins with talking to each other. So yes, it's definitely good and best to talk as friends first. If that goes great then continue to build on that until you both feels the same towards each other and you've had the chance to earn her trust back for whatever the problem was in the past. You have to start somewhere, so start now just as you said and treat her with the utmost respect, but take it slow and let her make some first moves so that she has some input into a renewed relationship, should that come about. Good luck! :)

    • yeah man well I kind of broke up with her for another girl something I definitely regret. well she kind of already admitted to liking me. I'm just waiting for her to move back to where I'm living. I told her I was going to the city that she currently lives in and then coming back on the same day that she's suppose to be moving back and she wants to ride back with me should I let her get a ride back with me to the town we're both going to be living in?

    • If you're trying to get back with her as you say, and she's giving you this golden opportunity then you need to run rather than walk! BY ALL MEANS let her ride back with you. What better opportunity could you ever get to be with her and show her... not tell her.. the kind of man you really are and how much feelings you still have for her. Call/text he immediately and say YESS! Treat her with respect and let HER do most of the talking. By your actions, let her know she's still special.

    • Very true my man, I will let her ride back with me. I already told her that she could so now I'm just pushing to have my car going by that time.

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  • Right, good conversations are the firts step, but it shouldn't be just about casual things, you probably share a lot of secrets, memories etc... remind her on that...that she used to talk about you everything (like saying things she might surprised you still remember).

    If someone wanted my trust back, Id probably wanted to know, why I can trust now, what changed, how that person developed etc. (you don't have to through it in her face, but there might be chances to let her now secretly) sweet gestures would me convince as well. If you getting her a ride, maybe bring something she like (her favorite chocolate, or take a cd with you she likes, so you she knows you pay attention to what she says- if she I into that kind of things)

    Good Luck

    • thinknig about it we do share secrets and memories. didn't look that far into it tho

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    • well she was telling me about how her neighbor was asking her if she was exited to "see her boyfriend" she asked who then he responed with the name phil. she never tried denying it does that mean anything?

    • Maybe she didn?t want to explain the complicated situation, so she kept it simple. But personally, if I didn't wanted other people to think that I am involved or with that person- I would tell. But if I am assuming we are getting back together- why should I explaining the current situation? So I guess it means something

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  • Taking it step by step is a good way to go. Casual conversations do a good job in reigniting the old feelings.


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