My ex-bf stopped with girls and began with guys after we broke up, now he reveals that he still likes me.

So we sort of had a dramatic break up. He cheated on me multiple times. Then we broke up one last final time. afterward, he stopped liking girls and started liking guys but never managed to get a boyfriend. He says the reason he went the other way was because there was no chance he could get back together with me after what he did. He does not like other girls because they are not me.. I somewhat still have some feelings for him, but I'm scared to take a chance. He seems really serious about it as well..


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  • He sounds like a lose cannon, when a guy dates girls, an decides to stop talking to girls an want to mess around with guys, that's a firm decision.

    He sounds like he's confusing an want's to win you back with sweet words.

  • If he cheated on you with other girls, don't get back together with him. As I say, once a cheater always a cheater. I think it sounds like he made up the gay thing because he wants to force you back into a relationship, I'd say stay away from him.


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