How to get back together with my ex-boyfriend? He is very shy ?

I broke about a year with my ex. We go to the same high school, fortunately we didn't have any classes together last year so our contact was kept to the strictly polite minimum

But all of the sudden this year we have many classes together so I see him all the time. I've started to develop a huge crush on him again but too shy to talk to him again. We've exchange a couple of polite conversations.

I know he is very shy and quiet too, but also very and proud. When broke up (I broke it off, because I was feeling insecure) he was very mad at me. But a year has gone past and I think he is not angry anymore.

However, I'm not very sure how to talk to him, or befriend him without making it obvious I want him back, also our classmates are a real problem as they always tease, or ask why we broke up ..

I really like this guy , and I regret breaking up with him from the start, yet a year has gone by and I don't know what to do , how to approach him or look for any signs if he likes me

help anyone?


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  • Simply approach him, and engage in a gentle, light conversation.

    That should do it.


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