My boyfriend got with my friend while we were on a break

This happened 6 months ago, and we were only on a break for less than a week, and I found out while we were "on a break" he made out with a friend of mine. I took him back thinking I could get over it, but needless to say, that friendship with her is over. She still hangs out with our group of friends and its extremely difficult and awkward, and I fight with him about this all the time. I'm tired of fighting, but this issue isn't going away. I love him which is why we got back together, and I didn't find out about this incident until a few months after the fact. His excuse is "we were on a break, so I didn't do anything wrong." I can't live with this, as I feel he is being insensitive. I thought he was perfect for me, and now this relationship is tainted. Is there any way to get past this? Has anyone been in a similar situation?


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  • Wow, your boyfriend sucks. He thinks he "didn't do anything wrong" because it was on break? YOu should break up with him ASAP. Especially since he thinks it wasn't wrong, he's gonna do it again, don't be one of those girls who keeps getting cheated on. I'm also confused why you hate your friend but not him? They both are horrible people, it's both their faults. This is a HUGE sign you should break up with him.


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  • You need better friends. Also your boyfriend messed up, when he messed around with your former friend.

    Its both Tacky & Shallow.


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