Does my coworker want me or not?

Since the day she began employment, she has always sat either next to me or across from me. She is flirty, outgoing and very friendly with other male coworkers but does not sit by them or do any of the following things with any other male coworker. If our schedule is a couple of hours off, she will ask me to stay for her or she will stay for me so that we leave work together. When we leave we go outside to the parking lot and smoke a joint before going our own way, every day. We constantly make eye contact and stare in each others eyes for several seconds and just smile at each other. On days when we don't have the same schedule, we both tell each other that we will miss one another. I'll say nice things periodically, that make her smile sincerely. We have great chemistry and I know she feels the same way for me as I do for her because of the small things we do that single me out from the other guys trying to get with her at work. One day after work I decided to tell her that I was really starting to like her alot, she said she didn't feel the same way and that she was going to try and stop giving me mixed signals. I was okay with it and the next day at work, nothing changed. She still tells me to stay after work with her and we still make the same eye contact but I have noticed that she does try to play it off when she says or does something that indicates interest in me and she'll catch herself doing it and then try to act like she wasn't sending me signals. For example, one day I told my boss I was leaving for the day and she makes a small comment about me staying at least another hour, which was when she got out but when I look at her to say okay she kind of caught herself and acted like she didn't say anything. I still feel like she is interested in me but its the whole fact that we work together that I think might be holding her back. I just recently got her phone number too so I don't know if I should text her during the weekend or invite her out sometime outside of the work environment. Or if I should just hold back and let time tell what happens?


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  • Is she young? it sounds like she's playing you, She probably has someone at home and she's scared to have something started with you. Just ask her? Say, hey! do you like me or do you have someone else? Most young people don't know who they want, and just flirt.


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  • It's certain that she only likes you as a close friend and a fellow co-worker.

    She's holding herself back from sending signals because she doesn't want you to get the wrong impression.


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