How do I not feel ashamed when I make moves on a girl?

I always feel embarrassed or awkward when I make the decision to talk about sex or start flirting/ do I stop that?

I always think girls would be offended or think I'm a creep. Is this actually true?


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  • Honestly, just think this before you go and talk to them "Balls To The Wall Baby" ...It's worked wonders my it 1)puts you in a confident mindset which when you talk to women, be cocky and funny but not a complete jerk (def. is the magic ticket) 2) it loosens you up so you can really believe "Hey, I've got nothing to loose so Balls to the Wall Baby"...3)It's funny so you are in a good mood which basically is why it is the secrete to many successful nights I've had at parties with the ladies


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  • Girls feel complimented that your interested, my advice is too flirt more

    • Girls only go after the jerks, douche bags, bad boys etc. They just say they want a nice caring guy so they don't look shallow.

    • The thing is swizz, is that we want a in between guy. A inbetween guy is a cross between a bad guy and a good guy, the bad guy likes to take us on adventures we've never consider and has swag an confident. At the same time he's a good guy who nos how to wine and dine us and no how to turn the charm on and is sympathetic, ect... We just want a well rounded guy with a little of everything.

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  • Hate to break it too you but if, your not a jerk they won't show interest. Like today I was at Target with my sister, I happen to notice these two very good looking girls. If I were to go up to them, I would of gotten laughed at. I could tell they were only interested in douche bags.

    • Dude, that's completely untrue... I've gotten loads of girls and I'm not a jerk. I'm just confident in myself, my personality, my sense of humor, and my ability to keep things focused on them. Don't let yourself fall into that misconception

    • Sorry I'm not buying it, women just say they want confidence which is a bunch of bull sh*t, Its a made up word some bimbo told some guy who had no chance and it stood. And you said it best your funny, and have a way on focusing on them something not all guys can do.

  • That's not true. Until you say something really offensive, and that's the only time they see you as such.

    Simply talk about sex/ start flirting when you feel like it.

    Talk to them like how you talk to your little sister or your fellow childhood girl friends.

  • You seem to have low self-esteem when it comes to flirting and such. That's why it's called flirting. It's low-risk high reward. Just do it a lot more. You'll de-sensitize yourself to it, and it'll become easier. Also, become more confident in yourself in general and that should translate over to the girls.


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