How should I act? Mad ex girlfriend problems

Hello!I am in a fairly weird and bad situation.I was trying to communicate with my ex gf.Which I had a fight a while ago.

I sent her a message in fb because it feels to awkward for both of us to talk throu Skype or mobile,apologizing about my mean and cold way,i am not perfect and I got to behaive like this cause she was either cold or really friendly and flirty.Mood swings I guess.

The message was sweet and nice.Her reply was angry and wasn't actually answering to me,she was just blaming for things that she did wrong.She also told me that she don't want to talk with me again and stuff like that.

2 days later she was liking pics of a friend of mine that she doesn't really talk and she was commenting as well.All of my friends told me that she is trying to get my attention,because I answered her back in the message,without cursing her or being mean,i was explaining her why she was wrong.

The point of the thread,should I let her calm down even more and let her think what I told her?By the way,i know they are many threads like this one,i was reading some,but I wanted your opinion as well!


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  • It looks like you really tried to talk with her and make things better...

    give her time to calm down and maybe then she will come talk to you !

    it's uncomfortable situation but it happens, and even if she'll never calm down it's okay, don't feel bad for that or something.

    break up is sucks and not all the times it will end up well.

    hope I helped you :)

    • 14 days and still no answer,i know that sometimes things take a while to settle down and I know she has feelings for me,so I will wait I guess and hope for the best!Thanks for your reply! :)

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