Can someone with life experience give me perspective on breakups (my recent breakup). I'm only 22

My first legitimate girlfriend and I broke up on Monday. The first big fight was about our lack of good sex, even though she was my first and I wasn't as experienced yet. As much as I tried to talk about it and make it work it seemed like she wanted to at first, but then "got tired of having talks all the time" and "things aren't as comfortable as they used to be, it's not the same." I guess we were different to each other. There was so much damage done. But I was trying so hard to make it work.

She would get so freaking self conscious if I wasn't hard right away before sex. So we only had sex like 6 times overall.

So we broke it off and haven't texting or talked to each other since. Her best friend came to visit for the weekend. She has always approved of me for her. Her best friend came up to talk to me and shook my hand (she was beyond wasted).

I'm just having a really hard time right now. While I've gotten a few girls numbers, I can't help but think my ex is having sex already because that was lacking in our relationship. She doesn't seem like a girl that would, but it's my fear. I want her to miss me and feel like she's missing out. She keeps everything bottled up so I doubt she would even tell me if she was.

I've been having an amazing week with my friends, but I go back home and think about how much I miss everything. It kills me that it may be like she doesn't care anymore.

I'm trying to move on, but I feel like sh*t because of the sex thing and I'm lonely. I'm 22, so can anyone with some life experience give me advice on the whole situation?

Thanks so much!


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  • If she left you over that then she wasn't worth it. Don't worry, once she starts fooling around with guys who only want her for that she'll regret what she did.

    • It was over that and things didn't get better right away. I think she may have been afraid of getting hurt again?

    • If you tried to work it out then its on her bro. You did your best.

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