What are the signs when someone wants things to be like they were before?

As in when someone would want to get back together.

In my case, its not exactly getting back together. This guy and I had a fling a few months back. We acted like a couple but we weren't dating. It stopped when he suddenly talked less until we finally stopped talking and he no longer asked me out. At one point I asked him why he's acting like that and he insisted there was nothing wrong. It ended badly and he ignored me. I deleted him from all my contacts cause I was sick of him.

I was okay and thought I was over it til few days ago he showed up at my uni out of the blue cause turns out he's modeling for one of my seniors. We were both surprised to see each other after a few months not hearing anything. We said hi and I can tell he wasn't upset to see me which surprised me cause I thought he would act childish and pretend to not know me or sth. We chatted for a bit like nothing happened. To be honest I was really glad to see him again, but I was also upset knowing the fact that things aren't the same anymore.

The next day he texted me and we ended up texting. There was no hard feeling and we talked a bit like nothing happened minus the lovey dovey stuff. We got to a point where he said "I'm straight and you know that haha" cause I told him some of my friends thought he was gay lol. I told him I know that he's not gay very well, which ended the conversation.

Is that a hint to remind me of what we used to be? Why did he text me anyway? Should I try and text him?


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  • He texted you because he doesn't want to lose you as a friend.

    Most drifted couples do that to maintain communication, and to avoid letting that person who was once close to their hearts to drift away forever, never hearing from them again.


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