Still want him to want me after a year

Hiya, my ex broke up with me in summer last year, our relationship wasn't serious and I know we don't have a future together, we differ too much. We haven't seen each other often, maybe once every two months that we bump into each other, like yesterday. I went to a pub with my friend and he was there too, when I came out of the ladies room, he stood there and he talked about my school. Then I ran into a glass door (yes, I had a couple of drinks), he laughed and I laughed, he put his hand on my head to see if there was a bump (now there is). We came down and a guy that was eyeing me told me I smelled good, then my ex said: "she always smells good". Then I played around with his scarf and his hat (which I wouldn't do sober).

So anyways, he lives by himself now, my friend told me and he told me we should come over.

I don't really know what my question is actually. Feels like I still want him to want me, not to be in a relationship because that was drama, but it's like my ego can't get over it that he dumped me instead of the other way around... Any advice?


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  • Set your ego aside, and be with him.

    Life is so short to be regretting things later on in your life.

    • I don't think he wants me back, he's the one who dumped me...

    • It seems he wants you back as well, based on your recent interaction in the pub.

    • Hm, I wish, lol. I'll see if he texts me and asks me to come over or to ask about my bump, haha. Thanks for your answer!

  • This happened that long ago and you're still sweating it? Lol, it happened and it's over. How crazy would it be for you to acutally think about getting back together with the guys so that you can dump him and tell people that you dumped him? Seems like a lotta work.

    • I don't wanna get back together with him to dump him just so I can tell people, I don't want to get back together so I can dump him, I don't even wanna get back together. I just want him to want me, just an ego thing...

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    • Well, life has a way of humbling people. Look on the bright side, you're the one who has done most of the dumping. So its not like you're getting dumped a lot.

    • True, but still... Oh well, I'll get over it.

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