After moving he stops cuddles

SO we been together sense Sept. and its been a hectic month. at the beginning of this month he had to move out of his place and live with his relative. (who I've never met). During all this at the beginning of the month I saw him almost everyday in our neighborhood at our friends homes and such. We agreed that we could move in together right before he moved. This week, I only saw him once for 2 hours and that's it. Also, some time yesterday he moved all his stuff into his new house and I didn't ind out about it till 10pm that night! and if I didn't text him he would probably never have text me at all.

basically I feel like I was a booty call and over this week something has changed. he's normally a very cuddly guy and this time after sex he just went to sleep. usually we spoon all night...he did put his arm around me for less than a minute and then rolled the opposite direction so we were back to back and not touching. usually if his arm falls across me he pulls me closer...

maybe he's lost interest in me?


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  • Give it a week before you start assuming the worst.

    He just moved, it was hectic for him, he was really busy hence why he didn't initiate texting because when people are moving their stuff around, they can't just drop it all to spend time on less "important" things.

    Regarding the sleeping, if you spend probably an entire week packing, unpacking and moving boxes and furnature around. you'd be beat as well, I'm not surprised he fell asleep straight after as lets be honest here... its in most guys nature to fall asleep after sex. If I don't force myself, I'd do that exact thing every single time... not because I want to just because I'm ready to sleep after sex. Not to say that happens each time or anything but you get the picture.

    Regarding spooning, most guys don't sleep as vast or well when they are spooning a girl. They want to be conciderate of her, not waking her up and/or make her uncomfortable by moving around a lot. If your tired enough, you won't want to do that and you'll just sleep in another way.

    my 2 cents

    • he was out having fun with his friends (whom I've never met either) and getting drunk and stuff. the stuff has been in the house for DAYS probably and I just didn't know it. he didn't want me to know I guess. he came home, took a nap, then when I texted him he invited me over to his place for sex. and I went like a cheap whore and gave him some...when I left this morning at 8am, he didn't seem to much care. usually I stick around

    • You haven't met his friends while you've been dating since sept? This is fishy by itself already.

      Probably should mention stuff like what you just wrote in the OP because I wouldn't say he's too serious about your relationship or he's in dire need of some space.

      Just confront him about it

What Girls Said 1

  • If you feel like a booty call stop giving him sex and see what happens

    • we have only had sex twice in the past month b.c of the living situation. maybe he's found someone else to fu**?

    • Talk to him about it tell him your problem and how you feel about it

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