Me and my ex broke up a month ago, it feels as if we never broke up.

Long story short exactly one month ago me and my ex broke up, we had absolutely no contact with each other at all. Well I've been going through some rough stuff and he contacted me asking to spend some time together to make me feel better, so he came over Saturday, and it felt as if we never broke up. It felt like we were still together and very much in love. What does this mean? We want to get back together but take things slow, is it a good sign that it feels like we didn't break up in the first place? Help!


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  • Sounds to me like you two really love each other.. The fact that he is still concerned is a plus, sounds to me like you two should have never broke up .. GET BACK TOGETHER lol

    • Thank you SO much! I was dating someone else, and he told me breaking up with me was a mistake and that he regretted it and thought about it everyday.

    • I think you two belong together.. That's very adorable .. Good Luck

    • Thank you very much! :)

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  • People's feelings don't usually change that much..we'llalways feel attraction for someone we used to see., unless it was a really bad break-up.

    Don't think that the problems you had before are just going to disappear, though., Those also won't change very easily. Talk over the problems before you decide to try it again.

    • Yes we worked on that and talked about it all of Saturday afternoon, as of right now, we're together but starting all over again, as if we are barely dating like in the beginning.

    • Good luck to you!

  • I guess it depends on the reasons for the breakup in the first place to some extent. Seem to me it must have been pretty amicable.

  • I think it's OK to be friends even though you have just broken up with him. I think what you are experiencing is feelings that won't go away for a while since you were in love.

  • If you want to get back together, do it. Enjoy what time you have. Explore the relationship, and treasure it.


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