Guys, what would you do if your girlfriend/ex girlfriend were a little on the crazy side?

Two of my best friends got together, but my guy best friend's ex is crazy. Before they broke up and were in a relationship;

-She threatened to beat up any girl that came near him

-She glared at me for hugging him

-She called him over 10 times a day and blew up his phone with texts

-She clung to him continuously and tried to seem tough

Now that they've broken up and he's together with my other friend, she;

-Tried to tell us lies about him (he only uses people for sex, etc)

-Lied to cover herself from the stupid things she did

-Threatened to hurt both of my friends

-Spread rumors about both of them

-Stalked them both on Facebook, etc.

And I've confronted her but she seems to just... miss the point every time. The last time I confronted her was the last time I think I'll really be hearing anything about her anymore.

Anyway, guys, if you had a girlfriend or ex like this, what would you do?


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  • I had a crazy ex. She was clingy, and got upset if I tried to go home. She cheated on me at least four different times that I could prove, and a couple of which were on times when I left, because I had already spent a solid week at her place, and I just wanted to hang with my friends. She was also abusive. Picked fights with me like crazy. Seriously paranoid I was going to cheat, though I never did.

    When I broke up with her, she tried to claim she was going to kill herself, I said it's her life to waste. Later after we were broken up, she found out I was seeing someone else, and the damned psycho sent a couple of thugs after me to rough me up. They got a couple shots in but I fought them off and sent them running. I told her it wouldn't be wise to try that shit again.

    I am not sure what finally made her back off. Maybe it was because I fucked those guys up a little worse than they did me. Maybe it was me telling everyone exactly what kind of person she was. Maybe it was me finally sinking down to her level and recording a phone call she made to me, that got threatening and abusive, and spread it around on the internet. Maybe it's because the crazy fucking bitch got a new boyfriend she could fuck up. I really don't know, and at this point, I really don't care. All I know is she's gone and hasn't been anywhere near me for years now, and I'm glad.

    As for your friend, this sounds like a golden opportunity to block his ex, and learn to be VERY selective in who he keeps on his list. While he's at it it wouldn't hurt to block her phone number from calls, texts, and whatever. Maybe even change his number. Keep anything you already have as evidence, and if she ever hurts anyone, call the cops. Furthermore her talking smack about you is defamation of character. Libel, slander, whatever you wanna call it. It's illegal. If you can, gathering proof could help.

    This is just a start to what he can do about it. Have him look into this stuff. If possible, talk to the police about other options, or if he has the money and/or is desperate enough, maybe even a lawyer.


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