How can I get her back?

I am a senior, 17, and she is a sophmore, 16. Me and my ex girlfriend dated for one month and 11 days until Saturday night when she called me crying and broke up with me. She told me that she still had feelings for her ex and she kinda didn't think it would work out between us from the very beginning. I asked her if there was ever a chance between us and she just said "I don't know" while she was still crying. I thought that she had used me, but then I thought of a different reason on why she would say that. On that day, Saturday, she asked me and she and her ex could hang out the next day. We were just talking about trust and how we trust each other, so I said "Ok baby" she then said: "You mad." then I said "No because I trust you baby girl" then she said "Ok good" I was a little bit...we...very jealous and kinda angry and didn't know what to text her next...and 2 and a half hours later she called me...and broke up with me.I believe that her ex was brainwashing her and talking to her when I wasn't and persuaded her to break up with me. It was all my fault though because I wasn't texting her...but her ex was :( I regret much :( But...there were other reasons probably too :( 2 weeks ago, we had our turnabout, or as some people call it sadie hawkins dance. She didn't want to go, but my friends kept telling me to go because it was my last one, and I was so stupid in going :( I regret it so much when I walked into the gym I felt horrible and didn't want to be there :( I was trying to have an OK time with my friends. I didn't want to do anything with anyone so I just stayed with my friends. They all went into the middle of the dance floor, and so did I. A few minutes later, a girl started grinding on me, and I know I shouldve just walked away, but I didn't :( One of my girlfriends friends saw me. I was going to tell her in school but her friend beat me to it :( I regret it so much for not just texting her because that was a bs excuse on my part, I couldve just texted her right after and left the dance :( I felt like crap :( We talked about it the next few days and I promised that would never happen again and that I would tell her where I would go and everything. On top of that, I was a bad boyfriend because I didn't text back right away all of the time the convos would sometimes go: Can I take you to a restaurant? and shed say I don't know and Id say How about applebees and shed say I don't know and...I just realized I shouldve said what's wrong...just this second as I was typing it..because something was probably wrong :,(god...I'm a horrible boyfriend :,( And I would take a few minutes to think of something good to ask and not have a one word response because I want to be as good of a boyfriend that I could...but looking back...I was a terrible boyfriend :,( Maybe this was inevitable? :,( Maybe I had what was coming to me :,( I said I was sorry and that I would be the same Justin that she met on January 13, she said she cried because of it. She texted me 3 times
since the breakup.Twice yesterday which was the day after the breakup and once today."Hey Justin.. I'm sorry.How are you doing?"was the first text she sent me yesterday and the second one was "Im sorry.How are you." and the third one that she sent me today was "You okay?"I didn't text her or talk to her since she broke up with me.Shes in 2 of my classes in school and Id see her tomorrow for the first 2 periods,so I'm thinking of not going.I truly have feelings for this girl. How do I get her back?
Is she texting me to see if I can get her back? Or only that she just wants to see that I'm ok? I don't know if she had feelings for me at all throughout the relationship? :/ Maybe she actually does? :/


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  • your relationship sounded really messy. But you need to clarify somethings for yourself okay? first of all, just because you don't text back right away does NOT make you a bad boyfriend. You guys just need to be honest and straightforward with each other. No lies, no sneaking around, just complete honesty. second of all, don't assume that her ex "brainwashed" her. There is a good chance that she just feels conflicted when it comes to her feelings for you and for her ex. It's possible that she doesn't want to hurt you, so she thought that breaking up with you would be a good way to prevent that, because I can only assume that you would be very hurt if you later found out that she still had feelings for her ex. third of all, no one can magically sense someone else's feelings. I know that usually if you ask a girl what's wrong and she says she's fine, she really just wants you to really try to find out what's wrong, but that brings me back to my original point: you guys are really young, so I know it makes it really hard but you have to tell each other the truth. I know I already said that, but it really is like the most important thing. Trust should be the foundation for any mature and healthy relationship. Talk to her. in person. it's hard to say why exactly she's texting you, seeing as I don't know her and everyone is different. but really. it sounds like you guys do care about each other.


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