My boyfriend of four years left me because....

Okay, so me and my e boyfriend was saying four years. He just recently broke it off with me last Thursday. He told me it was a break and he just needed time but I'm so confused. I'm hearing different stories about why he left me, and he told me he is unsure if we are going to get back together or not. I really loved him and we planned our future together. We're about to graduate and we were going to move in together but now were not. He's my best friend and I don't know what to do, I want to be with him in the future and I cry a lo because I don't know if this is the end or not. He's joining the navy and we agreed he'd do navy reserves but now he changed and wants to go active. He told me he's been unhappy, but I honestly don't see how? HE called me every night and fell asleep with me on the phone, he told me he knew I was the one and he loved me because he felt like were ment to be together, he planned to hang out with me and do a picnic at the beach... Like how is that being unhappy? I didn't make him do it. I just need some help please, I'm miserable.

We've talked a little more everyday, and today he talked to me on the phone and told me he just need time and he was fed up with the fighting and he has stuff he wants to do. I know I wasn't a perfect girlfriend, I got mad over stupid things but so did he. He has flirted with multiple other girls while dating me (like planned to be there boyfriend), and I've bought all his school clothes, done his homework, made him lunch everyday... Like I just need advice! Do I move on


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  • You need to move on from him.

    It seems like he's just taking you for granted, and isn't satisfied with you being on his side.


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