Should I move on or is she just interested but busy?

I've been dating a really awesome girl for two weeks now. Last time we hung out we hung out she told me she wanted to really try this thing. She said she wasn't dating anyone else and she really liked me. She also said she's extremely busy and she apologizes in advance that she won't have much time for the next few weeks (she's in college). But the vibe I got from her is she wanted to be exclusive.

I do know that the last time I saw her she seemed pretty invested. I should also mention the last time we hung out we had sex for the first time and she said I was the best she's been with. But that could be all talk. The day after we saw each other last,she was suppose to help me move into my new place, but she texted me that she was sick. Since then she hasn't texted much other than she's feeling better.So now I'm confused because that was Thursday and she's barely talked/texted me since. Yesterday, I texted her to hang out this coming Thursday ( the one day she's free) but she hasn't texted back. I'm wondering if I should chill the f*** out and let her get back to me, or should I move on. I know she said she's busy, and I still don't know her well enough to know how good she is about texting back.

So yea... help me out ladies.


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  • Chill out and let her get back to you. She said she was busy - take it at face value. (Though, yeah, she was lying about the "best she ever had", well spotted on that point sir)


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