The guy I am/was dating vanished out of the blue. What do I do/think?

I met a guy on FB 6 months back and have been chatting with him ever since, till he vanished a week back. He approached me with an intention of dating while I never took "an online gig" seriously. Of late, I started developing feelings for him and I confessed falling for him and showed interest in meeting. (We have never met, shared details, contact numbers, anything.) He ,although having confessed his feelings a number of times before, started complaining about the way I am. The last time we spoke, he got angry cos of my stubbornness and never came back online.

We have had fights,even break-ups for name-sake, we have vanished before but have always got back together. But all this was before I confessed.

Where do I stand?


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  • There are a lot of weird things going on here. You met him on FB 6 months ago and have never met in person or talked on the phone? You say you guys never shared details which I'm not really sure what that means. Do you mean like location details or things about your life details? I don't really see how you could have "feelings" for someone that you have never met in person and only chatted with online. You say you have broken up and had fights. If he is complaining about you just online and you guys haven't even met yet, then I would say this is not someone you need to even try pursuing even further. If he vanished and stopped talking to you, then I would say that is a pretty clear sign he doesn't want to pursue anything further. I would just move on and find someone who you actually can meet in person and have a great connection with.

    • :)

      Its one of those things you have in your head throughout, but you need someone to tell them to you.

      Thanks so much.

    • No problem. Glad I could help :)

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