So if I'm at a work meeting, and I seat in a table, then all the girls move to my table one after the other...

What does it said about me?

I like some of them and I'm single, I have been single for years, maybe is a sign I have a chance and I should ask some one out, but I don't know how to go about it.
I knew no girls where going to help on this one.


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  • Start getting involved with them. Ask them how they're doing & how their day is going.

    Try to strike up conversation on stuff.

    After she knows you a little ask her out.

    • I do that already just don't know about asking out.

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    • If my words are to strong the you're the poet. Ask something casual.

      Ask for coffee & notice that casual date is outside the quotation marks.

    • we work at a restaurant and we serve cofee, I don't know, thanks tho

  • Yes, it's a sign that they are attracted to you.


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