Girls if you are in a relationship and you found someone you you actually would love to cheat with?

But you don't do it because you don't want to feel responsible.

What things could the guys you want to cheat with do in order to help you feel less responsible or not responsible at all for cheating?

Please help, there is this girl that really wants me, but I need to take the responsibility off her back and take it on all myself to make it happen. And I literally run out of ideas how to do that. Maybe you girls can help me by sharing past experiences with exs you may had cheated back in the day.


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  • This is sad.

    Two people put so much work into a relationship, and a douche bag like you comes along and says "this girl really wants me, how can I get her to f*** me?" just for your own ego. Disgusting.

    I'm not saying this girl isn't at ubertroll said, it takes two to tango and both have to take responsibility for your actions. If the girl was asking the question, I'd be just as disgusted with her.

    If you really want to f*** her and she really wants you, then she should break up with her boyfriend.

    Until then, find someone single and stop being a scumbag.

    • i don'[t want her to f*** me, I want to f*** her though, and she has threesomes with her boyfriend I don't want to set them apart I just want to bang her at least once

    • Same difference, douche bag. You're disgusting.

    • ok so is OK for her boyfriend to f*** her friends but is not OK for her to f*** her friends and you are a girl saying this

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  • I've never cheated. There's nothing you could do that would take that responsbility off my shoulders. Good for her for feeling responsible, as she should. You should, too. Do you want a guy acting like this with your future girlfriend one day?

    • I don't believe in monogamous relationships. I wish the guy below did not said anything. Girls usually read the answers of others first and then give their answer base on that. Now is going to be hard for me to get an honest answer because girls think saying something is going to make them look bad. Which is not the case, plus you have the freedom to answer anonimously anyway.

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    • Lol I used it because he said it and you referenced him! Those are my feelings, take it or leave it.

    • exactly

  • It takes two to tango and people need to take responsibility for their own actions. If she's making the decision to cheat then no matter what you do, some of that responsibility is on her. If she wants you so badly then why doesn't she just break up with her boyfriend?

    • On second thought, you could rape her. That's about the only way to take all the responsibility off her. But obviously I'm being facetious here, please don't rape anybody.

    • i guess there are subtle ways to make it happen tho, maybe put her in an emotional rollercoaster, and lead, lead, lead, until it happens and then is too late when she realizes what she has done, I just can't find opportunities to do that, due to different work schedules

  • you want a straight answer here it is...if you want to cheat, THEN DONT BE IN A RELATIONSHIP. you seem kind of a heartless person to be even asking such a question. if you have any inkling of wanting to be with someone else break up with your girlfriend first. Because if you don't karma will majorly bite you in the ass.

    • Why is it that is hard for girls to understand question but not for guys. I really try hard to explain myself because I know most girls won't understand, yet, they always misunderstand the questions, but the guys get it, when I actually want the girls answers, it is so stupid. Girl, I'm not in a relationship, I don't want to cheat. There is a girl that happens to have a boyfriend and I want to be with her, but I want to take the blame for the cheating, so she doesn't feel bad. Get it?

    • probably from the way you typed everything made it sound like the reverse situation. but the thing is no one person can be blamed for cheating, because it takes 2 people... she would still feel bad and she should. picture yourself in her boyfriend's shoes... that's not fair to him (wouldn't be fair to you either). if she wants to be with you then she needs to break it off with her boyfriend first. you need to consider everyone's feelings in this situation not just yours or hers.. good luck

    • i'm not trying to break off their relationship, neither I'm trying to make he my girlfriend, I know she likes me and I just want to have sex. she has threesomes with these guy and some of her friends, so it shouldn't be a problem

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  • This is why some people end up getting killed. First off, just because you don't believe in monogamous relationships doesn't mean everyone else shares your same viewpoints. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with your beliefs if in fact that is your choice, but it would be morally wrong to try and bestow that upon others who share different views.

    To begin with, this girl is in a relationship and obviously holds up to a different moral code than you do. This is why she has a sense of guilt and responsibility for not sleeping with you. Additionally, even if you don't like her for a relationship per say, it is evident that you have some feelings for her, even if they're purely for the wrong reasons.

    Let's just say for a moment that she does give in to you and her boyfriend finds out and does bodily harm to her, or even kills her. How would you feel about the fact that your infidelity with her was the motivating factor.

    How would you feel if he actually found you and did the same to you? Would you really think it would be worth it?

    What if through all this destruction children were involved? Quite often in these relationships its the children who suffer the most when these relationships break down.

    I'm not trying to convince you to seek a relationship that it's evident you choose not to practice or believe in, but wouldn't it be more practical if the women you chose to sleep with are unattached and share similar viewpoints?

    • I'm not trying to break her relationship just have sex, and so is she.

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    • Women 101...women tend to stick together. I honestly don't think there will be any females out there who will openly tell you what you need to say or do to get to this girl. Even if there were some who would, they would be going on their experiences and moral codes and what works for woman A in many cases won't work for woman B. People are individuals and while some may appear similar in appearances, their ideals and thought processes will vary. Either way, your perception is dead wrong.

    • yeah pretty much

  • So you WANT to be a home wrecker? Kill yourself.

    • Thanks douch, now no girl is going to be confident enough to give me an straight answer.

    • Pleased to be of service scumbag.

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