Girlfriend still friends with her ex boyfriend?

So I've been creepin a bit on my girlfriends Facebook and I noticed that she likes a lot of his photos particularly ones where he has no shirt on and other stuff. He also likes her pictures as well. Mind you these pictures she has liked are recent and not before she started going out with me. I don't think they talk to each other but it still makes me suspicious of her. Should I be worried? Is it normal for girls to still be like that with their exes? Sorry I"m relatively inexperienced when it comes to relationships.


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  • Not every girl is at war with her ex. So stay friends... Be careful of Facebook, it kills relationships and exposes the lack of trust one has for their significant other.

    • Well you would think that you would try to forget about the past and move on. If she had feelings for him then what's to say that those feelings aren't still there or won't come back? I haven't had relationship before but feelings would still be there for an ex imo.

    • Nah, don't worry about it. This is your first relationship it is natural to be worried. Just remember that she is with you and not him for a reason :) Besides, even if she were to cheat on you give here room and she will eventually hang herself out to dry.

What Guys Said 1

  • You should just trust your girlfriend.

    The slightest hint of jealousy and mistrust will ruin everything you've put up with your girlfriend.


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