What would you think if your friend's ex told you "Don't date"

I was talking to my ex's friend while my ex was in the other room, I asked if he had a girlfriend and he said he did, but she recently just broke up with him (he sounded sad when he said it), I said something like "oh man that sucks" and concluded with, "Don't date.." and he laughed and I did a little too.. I am wondering what he thought and why he laughed when I said it, where I was coming from was I am still sad about my ex too, that relationship totally messed with my head.. do you think he got that? I am just wondering when he talks to my ex, which I know they will because that was my first time hanging out with him in months, what will he say about me to my ex. "she is depressed and misses you" or "she is depressed, but is over you"

what would be your first impression of what I said considering the circumstances? What would you tell your friend about his ex gf?

I still like my ex by the way, but I am really stressed out and can't handle a relationship.
  • "she is depressed and misses you"
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  • "she is depressed and is over you"
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  • If I were that friend, I would just say "Your ex girlfriend seems to be over you. She seems not to be concerned when I told her you had a girlfriend."

    • my ex doesn't have a gf..

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