GUYS: If a girl you dated contacts you after 1.5 years, do you assume she wants to get back together?

There is this guy I dated and we were really really good friends but we broke it off after he moved to Spain and met another girl. I haven't seen him in 1.5 years but I still think about our friendship before we hooked up sometimes, and I just want to know what's up with his life. I've gotten over the heartbreak and I do NOT want to get back together, or him to think that I want to. I don't even want to meet up with him or anything like that, I'm just naturally curious as to what he is up to right now and want to chat a little. Would me e-mailing him be a good idea? Or should I just suck it up?


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  • dont assume. you know what happens when you assume.. haha. but if you don't want to see him tell him that. get that out you don't start under false pretenses


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