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So my girlfriend cheated on my between December and January and I decided to work things out with her. She is 19 and I'm 20 going on 21 in a few weeks. Neither of our families know she cheated on me but at around 8 months she cheated on me with a guy in her math class. I've been trying to get over it but eventually it keeps popping back in my head that I got cheated on. This girl was honestly the first girl I can say that I actually loved and feel love for. I care for her a lot and want our relationship to work and she has told me she also loves me. She told me the same things before and I just don't know if it is totally unsalvageable or if I can eventually get over the cheating. She only cheated on me for about a month before I found out and since has stopped talking to the guy completely and cut all ties. She says she wants to fix things but I'm not sure if I can feel the same way as I did before she cheated on me.
She also says that I am the perfect guy and that I totally didn't do anything wrong and that it was all her fault that she did it stupidly.
It's been about 6 weeks since I found out and I've been trying to get over it and move on but I can't


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  • So if you found out that she cheated and that's when she stopped? So it can be assumed that if you hadn't found out, she'd still be doing it?

    In the end, you have to know if you want to pursue this relationship but if I were you, I would not. I don't know if it's right to say "once a cheater, always a cheater" as it seems to generalise a lot and there must exceptions. In your case, however, the relationship only lasted 8 months and she cheated on you for a whole month, and probably would have done so much longer if you hadn't caught her.

    If this happened to one of my friends, I would tell him to move on and forget about the girl. I know that's easier said than done, but sometimes we have to do things that hurt us for a bit so that we can find happiness eventually.

    You're only 20, almost 21, there are girls out there who will not cheat on you and betray your trust. So I'm thinking it would be best to leave this girl and find someone who doesn't make you feel horrible, because clearly, she does.


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  • I'm sorry she cheated on you, you seem like a nice guy. But honestly, you should not give her a second chance. You don't deserve to be cheated on, no one does. If she really loved you she wouldn't have been talking to other guys or hanging out with them with the temptation of cheating in the first place. Cheating is always a hard thing to get over, but sadly if she cheated once she will probably cheat again. Besides, you are still young and have plenty of time to get over her and find someone new. Personally I believe any relationship that breaks trust like that is unsalvageable. You will always be hurt and it will always be in the back of your mind no matter what you do. Cheating is a terrible thing and should never be given a second chance, it makes you question what she is doing when she is not with you and breaks the trust and bond between you too. Sorry to be so mean and negative. Also cheating makes it harder for you to trust the next girl you date, my best friend was cheated on multiple times and he felt very insecure and couldn't get over it just like you. He finally got over it when him and the cheater split, then later on he found a pretty cool girl who never hurt him the same way she did. Hope you find someone who truly realizes what a nice person you seem to be and who won't cheat on you.

  • I cheated on my bf... never told him and broke up with him... I spent 2 years (going on 3) depressed, I used to be so friendly but now when guys flirt or try talking to me... I shoot them down right away or sometimes even make fun of them... like if a guy flirts with me I am disgusted with him even though he may be a decent guy.. I have spent many nights crying over him... constantly checking his Facebook to read his updates... there is no other guy for me.. if I do ever reconnect with him, I will appreciate him more and not want to loose him again...

    • I really want to stay with my girlfriend and I'm trying to change the way I feel but just even randomly I get reminded about the mother F that she cheated on me with and I get angry. She keeps reassuring me nothing ever will happen again but she broke my deepest trust and it hurts.

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  • Omg dude wtf. Okay ill tell you how to get in her pants and you better click this answer as the best. Okay what I'm about to tell you could sound messed up. So if you don't want to keep reading dont. Okay 1st of all, I've been in you positon. Now how to do it and why she is behaving like this. You are the problem, If she has been with you for a while she must really like you Obviously. But she doesn't trust you sexually. You Need to kiss her very very slow to build up her physical arousal. Don't touch her ass or her p**** at ALL! keep kissing for a while. Then YOU stopp kissing, Tell her we are going way to fast. Make her CHASE you. Tease her when kissing. Then kiss her again. very slow. The more You stop the more she will chase you. Always I repeat ALWAYS keep her wanting more. Another thing make her think you are a clean guy, also you got to in some way let her kniow that you will continue to stick around after you have sex with her. Becasuse that what most girl are afraid. The value that she has is what you want. Meaning sex. Okay back to the technique you need to get to the point where you can succesfully have you HAND in the pants and rubbing her with out her pulling out your hand. This is very important. YOu get HERE! By subtlely touching her pelvis or p****. You need to get her comfortable with you hand on her p****. COMFORT is crucial. Because with out it she would not even be you girl she is with you for a reson. Okay once you can get to the point of you fingering her. She will be turne on. But she will deny sex. There are 3 ways to handle this one you stop before she tell you to stop. Meaning you are in contrl of the sex, you are not NEEDY. 2 you tell her when kissing and fingering her, If you are not comfortable with any of this you just tap my hand. 3 She tell you stop. What you do is this. Literally STOP. Don't be angry trust me. So you stopped then go back to kissing and repeat the process. Repeat it like 10 minutes later. Its all about getting her comfortable with the idea of sex with you. Another thing I want to add. There are 2 kids of stop. 1st one is the literally stop one were she is serious and she pulls you hand out.. The 2nd is were she tell you stop but you could keep going. Once you see that she is open to sex. 2 things you can do. one is ask her if she wants yo f***. 2 take your clothes OFF tell her to suck your d***. IF she doesn't want to f*** at this point. Say okay cool. Then you try again later. The idea that I'm trying to communicate is this. Make her comfortable with you and make her feel like to you sex is no big deal like you really don't care. And as if you can get it somewhere else. If none of this works you need to make her jeaolus by talking to hot girls, and get this idea in her head you can walk away at any time. Trust me dude if all else fails then last part works. If still after all attempts then consider leaving her. There is no such thing as a girl waiting for marriage. I've know too many girls that said that.

  • What I'm about to say might be messed up so if you don't want to read this ignore it. Okay dude she cheated on you because its not HER FAULT dude you didn't fully satisfy her on the level that the other guy did. its your fault because you are lacking a quality that the other guy has. It could be emotionall,y sexually, verbally,Thats why she cheated on you. Dude for me personally A girl cheated on me so I know what you mean. But she cheated on me on a sexual level. Meaning the sex I gave her was not enough. Becasue I didn't give her enough PLEASURE. Its one thing to f*** her multiple times in one day or to give her the most spectacular sex in one hour. Dude learn what makes a woman cum. Seriously imagine this, Once you nut you are turned off for a moment. Imagine how she feel that you only got her aroused. Its sucks. to just be aroused. Now imagine her nutting and her being fulfilled. How do you feel now? It sucks and that is what I had to improve. The past girl I had man she was completely loyal to me. She would literally tell me that I satisfy her not like her exs. So improve your game. Because guys will always be guys. And if she meets another guy that has the quality that you don't then you know what that means. You are a guy and so am I. We deserve loyal beautiful women as long as you the IDEAL MAN women want. I know its a bit messed up but dude its the truth. Nothing is more un-atractive than a weak attitude literally.

  • So what she has said loud and clear is that even if you are perfect, she will still cheat on you. There is apparently no pleasing this girl. She want to both have the cake and eat it.

    If she cheats on you when you are perfect and haven't done anything wrong. What do think will happen when you are not perfect? We can't be perfect all day everyday, you know.

    Sure, you can forgive and forget, if this is what you want. We all make mistakes, but just think about what you are accepting and inviting into your life.

  • get some self-respect, pal.

    you wanna be with someone who betrayed you? I mean seriously?

    - she had someone else's dong inside her

    - she was riding her like a f***ing pony

    - she was screaming his name

    - she was telling him how good he is and how nice his dong feels inside her

    - she probably told him that he's better than you and laughed about it

    - she sucked on his dong

    - she licked his balls

    - she was kissing him

    - his fingers were in all her holes

    - she was licking his sweat

    - they look at each others' eyes when they were cumming


    you should be ashamed of yourself. get yourself together.

    i feel embarrassed - for you.


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