Should I pursue this?

So my girlfriend recently cheated on me and I decided to try to keep us together. But I met this chick in my class who seems to be very much into me. I've never really been a guy to be a player or even have female friends but this girl is interesting and I don't know if I feel the same way after my girlfriend cheated on me.
going off the first comment while my current Girlfriend is like my best friend I feel betrayed that she even cheated on me and she can be immature, dependent, and weak at times.


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  • You've got two "issues" to think about:

    1: Do you see a future together with your girlfriend now, or do you think you'll break up again quite "soon"?

    2: Are you into the new girl? Because if she's just into you and you're not that into her, you're just looking for a replacement of the attention and love you're getting from your current girlfriend.

    If you want to make your relationship work, I suggest you just let the new girl do whatever, but don't let it stop you from befriending her, and maybe down the long run (or short run) you'll develop feelings for her which make you sure about your choice.

    • My current girlfriend is a little immature and has growing up to do and sometimes it does annoy me. (~1.5 years younger)

      I am digging this new girl she is a little bit older(1 year) and she seems smart, funny, pretty, nice and I really don't understand why I get nervous and excited going to class to see her other than my interest.

      I think the biggest thing being in the military is that I want/need a wife that is strong and independent for when I can't always be there and while my current GF

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    • Thanks you have been so amazing and helpful and definitely helped me sort somethings out

    • You're welcome and good luck!

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  • you're weaker.

    you want to be with a traitor.


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