Why distance yourself from your partner to break up with them?

I've never understood the logic of using distance and letting things linger on. Recently I had a guy distance himself as a means of breaking up with me rather than say outright he didn't think we would work out he just slowly stopped calling/texting. I was a little shocked because he's in his mid 30 seemed otherwise mature and we had always been really great at communicating with one another.

So my question is in situations that present little if any drama why either slowly or abruptly distance yourself with your partner as a means of ending a relationship . As opposed to just saying you want out.


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  • Confrontation hurts when it comes to closure no matter the age. He's probably doing the "no contact" route which allows both parties to move on with less pain. Yes it hurts at first to not know why the break up happened, but the less you see the person or interact with them the faster they get out of your mind.

    No contact can be used in two ways. The way it's meant to be use is to give yourself time and space to heal and move on with life. then there is the other way which I don't aprrove of which is to try and win an ex back. One person distance themselves after a breakup or argument to make them realize how much you miss them. This would cause the other to come running back, but to what? The same problems that lead to the breakup or argument.

    If someone was really meant to be then you need to respect theor space. They need to focus on themselves and realize what they need to work on about themselves. This requires time and doesn't happen over night.

    If the person comes back to beg saying sorry we should startover or some other bs. Then it's up to you on that part. if anything they should be a different person this time around. they should of work on bettering themself with the space the wanted. Let them reignite the relationship since they were the one who walked out. If not move on and find someone who is worth your time.


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  • Some people are afraid of confrontation.


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