Guys: what's a "polite" way of breaking up or saying "goodbye" to a girl you no longer wanna see?

Do you tell her something like "take it easy", or "take care"? or are you direct with her and say its not working out?


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  • well, a lot of guys don't have that much courtesy at all. some of them, after months of seeing each other will just cut you out like the whole thing never happened.

    • so is " lol take it easy" a farewell? (the guy really likes this girl and he said that to her)

    • depends on the context, may be the case but not necessarily. let's face it saying bye is awkward and guys as a whole have more difficulty expressing emotion than girls/just don't talk about feelings as much so for them it may be easier and less awkard to stop talking and assume girls get the hint.

    • the guy has told the girl he likes her as more than a friend though...nd is very affectionate...and takes her to dinner...

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  • Maybe you can try the same approach used by girls:

    Ask the other person to call you. When they call, don't answer and don't call back.

    If the person asks you out on a date, just keep saying "Maybe".

    Say yes once in a while with no intention of actually going on the date. If the person calls or texts on the days before the date in order to confirm, keep saying yes you'll be there. At the time of the date, just don't show up.

    • so ya the guy has told the girl that he likes her as more than a friend, and was very affectionate with her...but then he said: "lol take it easy". what did this mean? a "goodbye", or a "lets take things slow"?

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