It's the day before Spring Break, but there's this girl....

(continuing) and I have yet to really speak to her but she stands out in my mind. She is in my class, so I do see her 3 times a week (M-W-F) so it's not some stranger on the street and she has looked at me a few times, mostly when she puts her coat on she'll swing her arm and head around and look directly at me for a solid 2 seconds. Me, liking her from almost the start of class can't even hold the contact longer than that so I end up looking away and smiling a little. I'm not as worried about approaching just because she tends to walk alone to her next class. What I'm more of wondering is would it even be possible to keep in contact over the break, or should I just keep it simple and plain and see what happens after the two weeks? Is it even possible to get a number/give a number within the first 10 minutes of talking to them without coming off as creepy...?

And yes I realize I probably should have done this prior to the last day before break. Ugh


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  • Most girls are willing to give their numbers within a 10 minute if they are interested in a guy. She seems to be so much interested in you so it will work.

    Don't wait things to happen 'cause you will come up short. Let things happen. Approach her, talk to her always, disregard your low confidence and just be with her.


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