I really want to contact my ex

I ended the relationship. I felt like I had too.. We argued a lot and I felt like I was always option b. I tried to tell him this, but then would say I was jealous of his friends? He is also selfish and incosiderate. It's being 4 weeks no contact. I'm too nervous to contact him. I miss him, but he might not reply? Il feel worse then. I don't think I want him back. But I do want to see how he is. Any suggestions?


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  • Simply send him what you're feeling at the moment. Even if he accepts it or not, you have said your feelings. Always, it will work wonders since you stood up and took the courage.

    • What if he has a new girl now?

    • At least you've sent him what you want to say.

      Most people in their later years regret the things they can't say today.

    • I don't know.. I'm too nervous to. I am waiting to see if he will make the effort and contact me

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What Guys Said 1

  • Don't do it

    • Why not?

    • If you don't want him back and it's been 4 weeks, then there's no point in talking to him. The only thing it will cause is hurt on both ends.

    • Ok. What if he texts me? I have heard of stories where down the line, they will contact u

What Girls Said 2

  • Listen, you seem to have made up your mind already about the guy. He leaves you in the dust... a very big "Run" sign! I don't feel you miss him, that doesn't typically take 4 weeks. I'm being harsh for your best interest... It's a "hey, why didn't HE contact ME moment! Let it pass, don't call him... or your basically throwing yourself to the wolves!

    • Ya that's true. I just get days where I want to speak with him

  • sounds like he didn't deserve you, did he try to get you back?

    • He texted me a week after the break you saying he missed me, but maybe it's for the best. So I told him we were done. I was still angry.

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