Rebound relationship or no? please help!

My ex boyfriend and I broke up about 5 weeks ago. We were on and off for over a year. We had some problems while we were dating and I couldn't fully trust him. Some of the problems were he left me for other girls about 4 times. It was nothing major he would leave me for them I would get mad and he would be back. When we broke up in the ned of January I was conserned because their was this girl who I knew liked him but I told him not to follow her on instagram and he did anyways. I knew this wasn't that big of a deal but I had trust issues because of everything he did. I broke up with him he asked her on a date 3 hours later then we made up got back together for 3 days and then he left me for her. She was obviously a rebound relationship and he was gone within 2 weeks. The day after he left her we hung out and he asked me out and the next day I found out it was just a joke to make out with me. I was devasted and found out that he wanted to date some other girl and that he just wanted to kiss me one last time. This was about 3 and a half weeks ago and I have been successfully been doing no contact for a week straight. I told him that he had to do no contact with me and to not contact me under any circumstance. He has broke this by texting me happy birthday a couple of times liking my instagram pics tweeting me, asking me ?'s on formspring an annonmous site such as would you take your ex boyfriend back and how do you feel about your ex's. he even tweeted that the way he felt about me was real but his actions were dumb. He is still with the other girl they aren't official but last night I saw tweets where he called her his baby on twitter and talked about how cute she was. I don't understand why he's asking me how I feel about him and tweeting me and buying me gifts( I won't get the gift until Monday). I know that she doesn't have any social media so she won't be able to see any of this but I just need help. I could never trust him again after him pretending to date me but is he serious about this girl (they have been together for 3 weeks and are taking things slow compared to the other girl who went really fast) or does he want to get back together?


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  • He's not serious about anyone including you. He goes off with other girls whenever the opportunity arises and yet you keep taking him back. There is no reason for him to be serious. He's keeping you on the back burner until something better comes along and then goes back to you when that doesn't work out. Do yourself a favour and put as much distance between you as possible.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh but I've seen too many friends go through exactly the same thing for years until they realize they don't have to put up with that crap and that there are plenty of decent guys out there who wouldn't dream of treating them so sh*tty

    • He would run off with other girls for like a week during the summer. In septemteber I did no contact and told him I was sick of it all. When he came back he was walking 6 miles to the train station to see me and wouldn't even dance with other girls at parties (hes a freshman in college I'm a senior in hs)He was back for 5 months without a problem until following that girl that I didn't want him to. I just don't know now if he wants to get back together or really be with the other girl?

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    • no I'm not I cut him out of my life completely I just don't understand why he's so nice to everyone else and then treats me like crap

    • Sorry to say but people generally treat others like crap because they get away with it, they're left do it with little to no consequences or at least consequences they don't care about. You've cut him out of your life now you just need to be strong and keep it that way. We've all been there just try to think of it as a lesson learned and you won't let it happen again with him or any other guy.

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