Ex girlfriend jumped into new relationship, and keeps bragging about how happy she is.

My ex and I were together for over a year and a half, and even lived together for a year. We split in November, but remained hanging out and hooking up, and every now and then, we would express our level of chemistry to each other, and it would feel like we were still together. Then out of nowhere, this new guy sends her a message on FB, the same weekend she's staying at my place with me, and all of a sudden they start talking. She joked with me when she told me he messaged her, because he's Asian, and she doesn't like Asians. He's also a comedian that we went to see together, and we were both fans of. I didn't think too much of it, because of the non attraction. We hung out again later that week, and then she started acting weird to me. Come to find out, they were talking a lot that weekend, and continued, and moved to texting and calling. Two weeks later, they met up, and instantly began a relationship.

He bought her an ipad mini the second week, and before the third week, they were already saying the "I love you's". Here's the kicker. We were hanging out almost every day, by her request. She would hit me up to get lunch, or breakfast, go to a bar, whatever. That third week, I ended up spending the night 3 times. First time I slept on the couch, but the next two times, we were in the bed together, curled up. She had been fighting with him two of those nights too, because he had issues about her hanging out with me so much. (He lives like 100 miles away too.)

Well, the 4th week came, and now since then, she has began hanging out with me less, and texting/calling me less, and has pretty much not had any social media interaction with me in the last week. They are on week 6 as of yesterday, and I called her in the morning and we talked for almost an hour, but I could sense something "off" about her. Especially when we got off the phone, because it felt very awkward. I don't know what to think anymore, because she wanted to remain friends, and said she still loves me, but now she's just so cold and distant. I don't know if he told her to stop, and she is, or what. I do miss her, naturally. But more than anything, I miss my friendship with her. Does it sound like she is pulling away from me for him? Or is she worried about her current relationship since it started out so fast, and she ignored all his red flags? (She's already talking about moving up to his area.)

Any insight or advice would help. I'm not trying to interfere with her relationship, and I wish her the best. I would love to build a new relationship with her in the future if things aligned, because we are so similar, and learn off each other. She's my best friend, without a doubt.


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  • WTF is wrong with this chick? 3 weeks and they're saying I love you. The guy is buying her stuff in week2? She's talking about moving to live near a guy she's known 6 weeks. She seems like she's got some pyschological stuff going on for her to get attached this quickly. She's probably trying to make you jealous too. Something weird about this.


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