His ex-girlfriend called to my house.

Yesterday at night I received a call from a girl to my house asking for my boyfriend. She didn't wanted to leave her name or anything but said that it was urgent. Anyways, today I told my boyfriend about it and gave him the number that appeared in my telephone. He was surprised and told me that he did not recognized the number. but after one hour he called me saying that the number was of his ex-girlfriend who sweared by God that she never called me and who was going to ask for a call record at her phone company so that he could see that she did not called me.

The thing is that even though I had no gain from telling him so, then why is it about a relationship if there can be no trust.

He says that I go by what other people say, but it is not true, I really I avoid all pointless drama.

He wanted to dump me at first, and I accepted without any doubt. But then he said that he does not know what to do because he loves me and wonders if we continue to be together if this problems will become bigger. He also said that he never did anything wrong to me to treat him like this (?)

He treats me as if this was my fault because he doesn't believe about the phone call and he wanted to know where I got the number from.

I never knew that the girl calling was his ex! I don't understand what is going on?

Did I took the wrong decision in telling him about it?

I don't know what is this all about? Please let me know what you think
By the way, as I don't want any trouble... and he said that many people may have already my house phone number. I went today to change it to the telephone company... no more sleepless nights receiving calls from his ex or any other girl


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  • well.. he sound like a manipulator- threatening to dump you, blaming it on you, etc ..you don't want one of those..i had one for 8 years... she prob did call because she is prob still in love with him and she's prob psycho.. ill tell you right now my ex has a girlfriend and still tries to hook up with me behind her back..not saying that's what your boyfriend is doing..just something to think about.. you def deserve better if that's what's going on..maybe he's not talking to her..n she's just a crazy ex that won't let go...who knows..if it continues then you need to do what's best for you.


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  • I understand what you are saying past the "she did not called me. " Maybe you had some typos. It seems like you were trying to say that you told him someone called for him, and he said it was his ex? But his ex swore she didn't call? Then y'all argued over it? I don't get it. What was the disagreement over? Y'all should probably just break-up. The guy seems like a lame, and ya'll don't trust each other, so there is going to always be drama.

    • the disagreement is that he believes more what his ex says, and thinks I'm making it all up.

    • Then he doesn't trust you.

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  • It sounds like someone prank called you using her phone. Maybe she was with a friend talking about him and his new girlfriend (you) and the friend called you to start sh*t without her knowing.

    No reason to break up over something so foolish.

    • I'm sad, because I don't know if I did the right thing at telling him. I don't want to break up :( should I tell him that? he said that he would call me tomorrow because he has exams today and tomorrow morning... should I wait till then? or text him telling him about my change of number?

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