Why did the guy keep looking at me while kissing his gf?

I was sitting with my family at this cafe at Oxfordshire station waiting for a train. Since it was a long wait I was looking around listlessly not really paying attention to what I was seeing. After a few seconds I realized that a table slightly away from ours was occupied with a teenage couple (they looked about 15-16) who were kissing.

Before I could move my gaze on the guy opened his eyes and locked his gaze with mine. I looked away immediately and didn't glance their way again deliberately. However I could feel his gaze on me and that he tried catching my eye a few times. Finally he moved in my line of sight and held eye contact with me for about three seconds before moving out the door with his gf.

I just couldn't understand his look and I am pretty sure that he knew I wasn't intending to be rude by accidentally looking slightly longer than I should while they were kissing. And oh, though I am actually 23 years old, I am petite so I look like I am 16. Yay for genes I suppose. :)

Could someone shed some light on this? Thank you!


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What Guys Said 1

  • He must be gauging your reaction as a girl about how they're kissing in public.


What Girls Said 1

  • It could possibly be that he caught you looking at him and was staring at you because you were staring at him.

    Or maybe he found you attractive and that primal part of his brain (that we all have) was like 'Oooh! Keep looking!'


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